13 Tips

13 tips Mark Hughes gave to Blake Morgan for Herbalife success, tips he immediately implemented and never stopped teaching to others.

1) Have blind faith in the company you are working with

2) Write down 10 goals you want to establish in the next twelve months

3) Don’t sell any products for the price, but for their value

  •  What is the value of a glass of water in the middle of the desert?

4) Care more about your customers and their product results, then about the money you make

5) Stay focused

6) Be serious and stay serious about your work

7) Care more about your distributors then about the money you make from them, Never give up.

8)  Be persistent

9)  Have patience, Rome was not built in one day

10) Be humble

11) Keep a good attitude

  • Do not complain to your down-line
  • Do not complain to your up-line
  • Do not complain to your side-line
  • Do not complain
  • Complaining ruins your reputation

12) Do not see your successful business as something natural, always remember the first day you started and how you felt

13) Be content and satisfied with what you have achieved every day before you go to bed